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Does it have to taste bad to be good?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Image of a school lunchA recent radio report told of a school system that changed their food policies so only ‘healthy’ food would be served. What happened next? Legions of high school students left campus at lunch for a near-by pizzeria.

Changing policy is not enough to change eating habits. Here are a couple other options – which one do you like?

1.      Make healthy food in schools taste fresh and good, starting with new preparation methods (toss the deep friers!)

2.      Close the campus so kids have to eat the healthy options or bring their own food

3.      Engage families and younger kids so they are exposed to healthy options at home, at an early age.  When they get to H.S. the healthy items will be acceptable (even appreciated)

4.      Engage the students in problem solving around how to make healthy choices desirable

5.      A combination of approaches

6.      Throw our hands up in the air & say “Kids will be kids!”