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Here We Come on the Run with our Burgers on our Bun

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Last night there was a fund raiser at the Chelsea Big Boy.  A percent of the take went to the Chelsea Senior Center.

At the end of the fund raiser all their tips were donated to the Senior Center by the staff of the Big Boy.  If you ever worked (or work) as a server, dishwasher or cook in a restaurant you know they work hard and you know those tips are important to their personal budgets.

I’m certain Trinh and her leadership team from the Senior Center extended many thanks to the staff at the Big Boy – I would like to add my admiration for their contribution.  Events and sacrifices like these make our community healthy in a special way.

Enjoy the Day

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Indian summer:

Does anyone really know the definition?  I don’t.  But I know it when I see it & I see it out my window right now.  I hope everyone can find a reason (or excuse) to get out & enjoy this week!


Enjoy connecting with others if that’s what you’ll be doing.  Because even when there is pie, connecting with people we care about is healthy.

Last Day to Register for Kid’s Cooking Camp!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Chelsea Community Kitchen is hosting a Kid’s Cooking Camp from July 9-13. Open to children in grades 1-6, children will have an opportunity to learn basic kitchen skills and kitchen safety. Each day will focus on a different meal or recipe type and will include samples.

Two local experts will lead the class. Lisa Lutchka, a registered dietitian with 20 years experience and a master’s degree in sports medicine/exercise physiology and Judy Radant, a certified SERV Safe instructor, Culinary Arts instructor, and owner of Ellie’s will provide a fun week of classes focused on healthy choices.

To learn more or to register, please click here. For more information, please contact Jane Pacheco at 734.330.4497.
The class is supported by the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation and Moore Pediatrics.

Soup’s On

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

By now you must know the CWF wants our communities to connect with each other in healthy ways. Here is a quick story of one of our communities found a terrific way to make that happen.

It’s called Chelsea Soup. A group of caring citizens get together, pay $5 or $10 dollars, bring a dish to pass & listen to presentations from a few local charities.

After the presentations (& no doubt a tasty, healthy meal) they mark their ballots in favor of their favorite charity. The organization with the most votes takes home the cash.

This approach is like the adage of many pieces being required to make a quilt; the body having many parts, each with a special purpose; & of course, the many flavors required to make good soup.

Connecting – it’s all about connecting.

100 Women Who Care

Monday, February 20th, 2012

All of a sudden I’m hearing about the 100 Women Who Care clubs around Michigan. The idea is sweeping through the state like wildfire.

If you missed it, imagine this: 100 (or so) people come together, vote on one non-profit organization they want to support, that day, and then everyone donates $100.

If you’re the only one to write a check for $100 you wonder how much of a difference you’re making. If 100 people write the same check at the same time you send some do-gooding organization $10,000!

And, it could be 200 people who care & checks for $25. Or 100 people who care & checks for $1000. If you organize it you can make up your own rules. I love innovation!

What a great way to connect with others in a healthy way.

Everyone Talks About the Weather but No One Does Anything About It!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Everyone Talks About the Weather but No One Does Anything About It!

Imagine our chagrin as we watched the weather forecast for Sunday (the date of the Big 5H Party) change from 68 & sunny to 62 with a chance of rain.

We are undaunted!! Here’s why.

1. Much of the Party will be held inside Chelsea High School. The speakers (Joy from the Today Show, John from Fit by Nature & Mike from Andy’s Angels), the Healthy Chef competition, the kids games in the gym, all the Community Wellness Coalition & other booths… there’s too much to mention it all. It’s all inside.
2. It’s just a 30% chance of rain & who believes the weather man, anyway?
3. The Farmer’s Market vendors are well-prepared for all kinds of weather. They’re farmers, for heaven’s sake!
4. We’re from Michigan & so are you. If we let weather ruin our plans we wouldn’t do much of anything. Right?

No matter the weather, we hope you & yours will join us for the 5H Party. It’s this Sunday from noon until 4:00, 740 N. Freer Road. There’s something for everyone.

What Not to Wear

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Cocktail Dress – the only cocktails will be fresh Michigan cider and clear, refreshing water.
Sport coat, suit or tuxedo – if you join national fitness training expert, John Colver, you won’t want to risk pit stains.
Tight waist band – we’ll have fun, healthy snack options. Tight clothing may hamper taste testing.
Cute shoes with heals – in case you join the Ultimate Frisbee game or pinch hit for your town’s softball team, you sure don’t want to break a heel (or look silly).
‘Business Casual’ – you’ll be overdressed for this family friendly, relaxed and playful day.

Best bets for the 5H party on September 25th:
Athletic shoes
T & sweatshirts
Comfortable jeans or slacks
Baseball caps, pony tails or any other comfortable hair management system
Logo wear representing your school district or the Lions
Bike helmets (especially if you come by bike) – bring the family’s bikes if you can. There will be bike & helmet safety checks on site.
Pockets to stash recipe cards and other goodies you may pick up at the event

The party happens, rain or shine. We’re taking over the entire Chelsea High School campus so there’s plenty of room inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Faceoff on Facebook

Monday, August 8th, 2011

The CWF goal for facebook is to have 1000 people following us by the end of the year. That should be an easy enough goal. I noticed a friend of my son’s has 632 friends.

If you invite your facebook friends to join us by sharing this link, you & your friends will be eligible for a random drawing of all our facebook friends. We’re giving away a bike or kayak from Aberdeen Bike & Sports when our total followers hits 800.

Connecting with others in healthy ways in the real world has benefits too. So, put September 25th on your calendar. On the 25th we’re bringing some national experts to town to meet with us regular people. And, we’re pitting cooking teams from each of our 5 healthy towns against one another for a contest in which they have to prepare a healthy meal appealing to families. In fact, local families will be the judges! We have other fun things planned, too. We hope you will help us make it a great event in which we connect all 5 towns in healthy ways.

Time Off for Good Behavior

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

All around us people are vacationing.

Sure, it’s good to be away from school and work. It’s nice to wake without an alarm. But the best thing about vacation might be connecting with others. When we’re on vacation those connections are less harried and the conversation less pressured. This is when a petulant child tells a parent something important or good friends share vital secrets.

When we step back from our daily grind we usually rediscover our ability to care about the little things in life. It’s been said before – in the end, the little things in life are really the big things.

Enjoy your summer & the time you spend connecting with others in healthy ways.

Free With Facebook

Monday, July 11th, 2011

One of the most effective ways to change behavior is to reward positive actions.   So we are going to reward our fans for their positive behavior of liking us (and connecting with others in a healthy way)! 

The CWF is going to raffle off prizes as we reach certain fan number milestones on Facebook.  Each milestone means a grander prize.  Our first milestone is 675 fans.  Once we reach that goal, the CWF is going to have a random drawing.  The lucky fan will receive:

  • Four tickets to the Manchester Chicken Broil on Thursday, July 21st.
  • Two tickets to see the Twistin’ Tarantulas and The SunMessengers on Friday, July 29th at the Sights and Sounds Festival in Chelsea.

Encourage your family and friends who live in Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Grass Lake and Stockbridge to become our fans on Facebook and you could be a big winner!

*Winning fan must be from one of our five service communities.