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Never Give Up!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

They say 90% of us won’t keep our New Year’s resolutions in 2014. 

 That means if 100 people make resolutions, 10 of them will change their lives for the better this year.  That’s not bad – especially if you’re one of the 10 who make it. 

Let’s say the remaining 90 make the same resolutions in 2015 and 10% of those people keep their resolution (that’s 9 more).  Now 19 people have changed their lives for the good. 

And in 2016, let’s say the remaining 81 make the same resolution.  Now 8 will make it & of our original 100, 27 have changed their lives – and possibly brought about changes in the lives of the people around them. 

The remaining 73 will be reduced to 66, then 58, then 52 and so. 

The point is, never quit quitting.  Don’t be discouraged if you are one of the 90 who don’t make it this year.  You can make changes and reap benefits.  If you keep trying, eventually you will.

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