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Not so Easy-cheesy



Have you noticed mac & cheese is everywhere these days? And it’s obvious why. Who doesn’t love this creamy comfort food?

Particularly for children it’s hard to avoid the salty, fat-laden mac & cheese option. Even high-end restaurants catering to adults are adding this as a special side on their menus. And, it’s hard (although not impossible) to make a healthy version of mac & cheese.

For home consumption people may be tempted to point to the low-cost of a box along with ease of preparation. But is it really easier than a scrambled egg or a PB&J sandwich and a handful of microwaved, frozen peas for lunch? It’s not quicker or less expensive.

But it is tasty. Man is it tasty.

Mac & cheese won’t be banned from existence just because it’s not a great food for our health. No one in their right mind (or their right taste buds) would advocate for that. But maybe we can serve it to our kids a bit less often and with an orange and carrot sticks on the side. For eating out, perhaps we add it to the list of sometimes foods – like dessert. And when we do treat ourselves or our kids, enjoy every last bite!

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MI is the abbreviation for Michigan. And, Medical Integration


People at all levels of health: from the perfectly fit to wheel chair bound, have safe options in our wellness centers. That’s because they are medically integrated. Those interested in preventing or improving health conditions will find resources at any of our four wellness centers.

The Medical Fitness Association certified Chelsea Wellness Center (the first wellness center to be certified in the state of MI). To earn certification rigorous criteria are met, including a requirement that all fitness specialists be certified. We have a health care advisory committee made up of medical and health specialists (click on the attached video to hear from one of the physician members of that committee).

This year Dexter Wellness Center is expected to earn their certification. We want to brag a bit & tell you once Dexter is certified we will be the only non-profit organization in the State with two certified, medically integrated facilities – and that even includes several large health care systems and universities with wellness centers.

Please remember and tell your family, friends & neighbors, all four wellness centers (Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester & Stockbridge) have programs open to the community – some free and others fee based. Scholarships are also available in all four centers.

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Something Really Cool to Know about Weight Loss

Researchers at Stanford University discovered that practicing weight maintenance may be the key for weight loss.

Two groups of women were studied.  In the first group they started weight loss efforts right away.  In the second they spent 8 weeks practicing maintaining their weight (daily weighing, portion size awareness, reasonable snacks…).  After the 8 weeks they began weight loss efforts.  One year later both groups had lost about the same amount of weight but those who practiced weight maintenance before weight loss were more likely to maintain their losses than those who didn’t practice.

Practice, practice, practice.  Just like mother said.

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Last Day to Register for Kid’s Cooking Camp!

Chelsea Community Kitchen is hosting a Kid’s Cooking Camp from July 9-13. Open to children in grades 1-6, children will have an opportunity to learn basic kitchen skills and kitchen safety. Each day will focus on a different meal or recipe type and will include samples.

Two local experts will lead the class. Lisa Lutchka, a registered dietitian with 20 years experience and a master’s degree in sports medicine/exercise physiology and Judy Radant, a certified SERV Safe instructor, Culinary Arts instructor, and owner of Ellie’s will provide a fun week of classes focused on healthy choices.

To learn more or to register, please click here. For more information, please contact Jane Pacheco at 734.330.4497.
The class is supported by the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation and Moore Pediatrics.

The Killer in the Living Room

This blog is not mine. It is paraphrased from a magazine I read called The Week (July 1-8 issue, 2011).

Watching a lot of TV can kill you. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health analyzed data from 175,000 people & found that every additional two hours of daily T.V. increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 20% & heart disease by 15%.

People who watch T.V. 5 hours a day (U.S. average) are 13% more likely to die prematurely. Heightened risk are similar to what is seen with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or smoking.

Watching T.V. ups your odds of early death even if you also spend hours exercising each week; conversely, cutting down makes you lose weight even if you don’t exercise.

Two hours of T.V. per day – the maximum recommended for children, is generous, even for adults.

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Featured Wellness Coalition Member – Lisa Lutchka

Tell us about the coalition you are in and the work you are doing.

I have been a member of the Grass Lake coalition since January 2011, serving as the Nutrition Subcommittee chairperson. Although we are still trying to get organized as a group, some areas we have identified as potential projects are: healthy concession stands, exploring the feasibility of a farmer’s market in Grass Lake, exploring the potential interest in a community garden in Grass Lake, and improving the quality of foods offered throughout the school system. We recognize that there are many other potential projects, and look forward to the release of the community assessment survey results in the near future so that we can move forward with programs that will make the greatest impact on the health of our community.

Why did you choose to join the CWF committee?

I was excited to be invited to participate in the coalition. As a registered dietitian for 20 years, I have a true appreciation for the impact healthy lifestyles can make in a person’s life. I have personally felt for many years that our “food culture” would need to change before we, as a society, could expect to really see a reversal of the high rates of chronic diseases that we are currently experiencing in this country. The support of the CWF gives us just that opportunity! I hope that I can help facilitate bringing about changes that result in greater access to fresh, plant-based, minimally processed foods, and appropriate educational opportunities, to all who wish to experience this.

What do you like best about being on the CWF coalition so far?

I enjoy being a part of the coalition because it is at a ‘grass roots’ level. I am so impressed with the commitment and support of the CWF so far, and it gives me great hope that we can make very meaningful changes in our community over the next several years.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I like to travel, cycle, do triathlons, and spend time with my 11, 6, and 4 year old children, my husband, and our 8 week old black lab “Raven”.

Interested in joining one of our Wellness Coalitions? Let us know here on Facebook or email Matt Pegouskie at and let him know if you live in Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester or Stockbridge.

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