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Not so Easy-cheesy

Thursday, January 11th, 2018



Have you noticed mac & cheese is everywhere these days? And it’s obvious why. Who doesn’t love this creamy comfort food?

Particularly for children it’s hard to avoid the salty, fat-laden mac & cheese option. Even high-end restaurants catering to adults are adding this as a special side on their menus. And, it’s hard (although not impossible) to make a healthy version of mac & cheese.

For home consumption people may be tempted to point to the low-cost of a box along with ease of preparation. But is it really easier than a scrambled egg or a PB&J sandwich and a handful of microwaved, frozen peas for lunch? It’s not quicker or less expensive.

But it is tasty. Man is it tasty.

Mac & cheese won’t be banned from existence just because it’s not a great food for our health. No one in their right mind (or their right taste buds) would advocate for that. But maybe we can serve it to our kids a bit less often and with an orange and carrot sticks on the side. For eating out, perhaps we add it to the list of sometimes foods – like dessert. And when we do treat ourselves or our kids, enjoy every last bite!

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