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MI is the abbreviation for Michigan. And, Medical Integration

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015


People at all levels of health: from the perfectly fit to wheel chair bound, have safe options in our wellness centers. That’s because they are medically integrated. Those interested in preventing or improving health conditions will find resources at any of our four wellness centers.

The Medical Fitness Association certified Chelsea Wellness Center (the first wellness center to be certified in the state of MI). To earn certification rigorous criteria are met, including a requirement that all fitness specialists be certified. We have a health care advisory committee made up of medical and health specialists (click on the attached video to hear from one of the physician members of that committee).

This year Dexter Wellness Center is expected to earn their certification. We want to brag a bit & tell you once Dexter is certified we will be the only non-profit organization in the State with two certified, medically integrated facilities – and that even includes several large health care systems and universities with wellness centers.

Please remember and tell your family, friends & neighbors, all four wellness centers (Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester & Stockbridge) have programs open to the community – some free and others fee based. Scholarships are also available in all four centers.

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