Who Wants to be Fit?

These are the types of people we see at our wellness centers, these days.  See if you fall into any of the categories, below.  By the way – they are all overcoming something to get or stay well.  Good for you if you’re already working toward a healthier you!

Terribly out of shape/NOT skinny and feeling it.  Congratulations to those who overcome their discomfort (physical & emotional) and make a decision to work out & connect in a healthy way. 

Parents with young families who have little time for themselves.  They are scraping out a few hours a week for a workout or class.  It may be what keeps them sane. 

Middle age in decent shape, but fighting to stay healthy and strong so they can actively enjoy their senior years.

Recent patients working with a medical professional (often a physical therapist) to get back to better functioning. 

Healthy teens, many with competitive goals.  But not always. 

Seniors who embrace their aging selves and want to maximize every day.  They also find good company at their local wellness center. 

There aren’t a lot of the ‘beautiful people’ in spandex at our wellness centers.  We’re kinda proud of that.  Of course, the extraordinarily fit are welcome too.  You serve as inspiration!