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The More the Merrier

Friday, April 12th, 2013

If you want to buy a pair of shoes, a corner with three shoe stores is the best place to look for that perfect pair.

If you want to work out, a community with a variety of fitness and wellness center options is a great community in which to live.

We all have ideas about what a ‘work out’ center should provide.  Some people like child care, certified trainers or the opportunity to swim laps.  Others are content to let themselves into a ‘turnkey’ operation and do a 30 minute circuit without assistance. 

The Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation’s goal is to get EVERYONE moving.  Somewhere in your community is just the right option for you.  Maybe it’s a full-service center with medical integration programs, diabetes education classes and open gym time like the new Dexter Wellness Center.  Or maybe it’s the body builder special at a local weight lifting gym, Pilates in a home studio or jogging on local walks and trails.  In our 5 healthy towns you have access to all kinds of options.  We just want you to find the one that works for you & have at it!

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