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Healthy Groceries Can Go A Long Way

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

The other day I heard again that ‘healthy groceries are more expensive than unhealthy groceries’.  In the past year or two, prices on things like produce have gone up, a lot.  But guess what.  So have the prices on empty calories like macaroni & cheese, junky cereal & chips. 

Groceries are very expensive these days.  And it’s true – it’s cheaper to buy a box of mac & cheese than a whole chicken & a few vegetables to go with it.  But you eat a lot longer & healthier on a simple pot of soup than a box of mac & cheese.  A box of barely or brown rice to go with your soup is a pretty inexpensive way to fill the family up.

A bag of oranges, onions, potatoes, package of celery, and another of carrots can feed a family for days, along with some simple cuts of meat, dried or canned beans & rice.  I challenge anyone to find 3 days of pre-packaged dinners to feed that same family for less money – especially if we’re reading labels & you want your pre-packaged food to provide fruit, vegetable, lean protein, whole grains, low saturated fats & salt. 

 Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking we should have a shopping challenge!  It could be fun.

 p.s. Next we should take on the myth it takes a long time to prepare a healthy meal.  And after that, maybe we can talk about a problem that’s even tougher to conquer.  How many kids really prefer chicken & rice soup to mac & cheese?

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Don’t Give Up!

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Are you thinking of giving up on those New Year’s resolutions?  Wait! How about a compromise?

 Maybe you were thinking too big when you decided if you just lost 40 pounds you could fit into your wedding dress from 30 years ago. 

 Before you give up completely, try a little goal (followed by another little goal).  Your new goal could be as simple as making time to replace walking shoes so worn it hurts your knees to wear them.  With new shoes you may find inspiration.

 There is no reason to give up.  Just make some amendments to lofty goals. One step at a time.  One day at a time.

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