Sticks & Stones

Childhood obesity is a term that’s tossed around now-a-days, like “Duh!” was 10 years ago.

Yet behind this 2 word phrase are real children. And the vast majority of these real children have parents whose heart breaks when they think of the implication of their child’s weight.

It’s easy to say “Well, whose fault is it if not the parents?”

A critic could be say the same thing about those of us whose kids ‘won’t’ do their homework, have temper tantrums in public, ‘refuse’ to wear appropriate clothing or ‘ignore’ the curfew their parents lay down. Very few of us finish our active parenting career without one or more of these issues arising.

If we cut parents some slack & acknowledge parenting is a complicated business, families fighting obesity may get excited about being part of the solution – their own & our community’s.