Getting From Here to There

Matt Pegouskie, who works for the CWF, pulled together a map of all the existing and proposed non-motorized trails in our service area (Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester & Stockbridge).

He pulled this information together because a few of our board members dream of a time when you can walk or bike between all 5 of our communities. It’s a grand goal and one we anticipate would take decades to complete if we get started now. But guess what. The Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation will be here for decades! So if the communities are interested enough to champion these connections, the CWF will help find funding.

Here’s the link to Matt’s map. You’ll have to copy it & paste it in your browser. The whole map won’t be on your screen so scroll around. The existing trails are primarily to the north (yellow lines). Red are proposed trails & green are proposed with funding already identified.,5204296.8662955,-9341865.56356846,5213218.72860467