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Exercise is Fun

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Jeff Hardcastle, who is on our Board of Directors, said one reason to exercise is usually missing from the list of reasons to exercise.   What about FUN?

Think about four or five neighbor kids playing P-I-G in a driveway; parents & kids horsing around on a local tennis court; throwing a ball onto the roof at an angle & racing to see who can guess where it will come down, then catching it; using school playground equipment in the summer; swimming wherever you can find a place; biking with a parent; jumping on the bed with grandkids (okay – I admit most families aren’t allowed to do this but it’s surprisingly fun, even for adults); walking local trails like those at Eddy Geology Center, Lakeland, Waterloo or Pinckney Recreation Area…  

It’s not that hard and it’s usually free to entice your family or friends to do something fun & healthy.  Happily, in our 5 healthy towns see many of you doing it every day.

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