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Last Day to Register for Kid’s Cooking Camp!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Chelsea Community Kitchen is hosting a Kid’s Cooking Camp from July 9-13. Open to children in grades 1-6, children will have an opportunity to learn basic kitchen skills and kitchen safety. Each day will focus on a different meal or recipe type and will include samples.

Two local experts will lead the class. Lisa Lutchka, a registered dietitian with 20 years experience and a master’s degree in sports medicine/exercise physiology and Judy Radant, a certified SERV Safe instructor, Culinary Arts instructor, and owner of Ellie’s will provide a fun week of classes focused on healthy choices.

To learn more or to register, please click here. For more information, please contact Jane Pacheco at 734.330.4497.
The class is supported by the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation and Moore Pediatrics.

Beets Anyone?

Friday, May 25th, 2012

A friend of mine was so excited when her teenage daughter recently asked if she could have some white beets. She was stunned to hear this question from her very finicky daughter who doesn’t usually like vegetables but was thrilled she actually wanted something healthy for once.

After she recovered from the question the mom realized she hadn’t heard of beets that were white, so she asked her daughter if it was a new type of beet/vegetable, which instantly sent her daughter into hysterics. When she finally stopped laughing the daughter said “NO MOM, NOT WHITE BEETS, WHITE “BEATS”, the headphones!

I guess it was just wishful thinking for this mom AND her daughter, as the price tag for white “beats” is more than $200! Looks like the only beets/beats she will be getting are of the purple variety. Teenagers!

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Friday, May 11th, 2012

This morning I watched CSPAN & a man from the Institute of Medicine’s Food & Nutrition Committee was talking about the state of our nation’s health. They are partners in the production & release of the HBO series The Weight of the Nation. I plan to watch it & I hope many of you will too.

I beg you not to focus on one or two issues that may be contributing to our nations fattening. Some people are quick to blame agribusiness or fast food restaurants. Others are certain it’s all about personal responsibility. You could focus on decreasing physical education in schools, increasing screen time or some other individual point.

It’s a complicated issue, folks. The causes aren’t simple & there certainly aren’t one or two solutions. The causes of overweight & obesity (as well as solutions) are different for everyone and region to region. Once again, I am pleading with our 5 healthy towns: don’t get sucked into these national debates. Let’s just look at what’s going on in our own hearts & minds and in our local communities. If we focus on our personal & local needs & solutions we can make a difference because we want to feel better, live better & see our children thrive.

See our recent facebook post for a link to the HBO series.

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