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Soup’s On

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

By now you must know the CWF wants our communities to connect with each other in healthy ways. Here is a quick story of one of our communities found a terrific way to make that happen.

It’s called Chelsea Soup. A group of caring citizens get together, pay $5 or $10 dollars, bring a dish to pass & listen to presentations from a few local charities.

After the presentations (& no doubt a tasty, healthy meal) they mark their ballots in favor of their favorite charity. The organization with the most votes takes home the cash.

This approach is like the adage of many pieces being required to make a quilt; the body having many parts, each with a special purpose; & of course, the many flavors required to make good soup.

Connecting – it’s all about connecting.

Sticks & Stones

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Childhood obesity is a term that’s tossed around now-a-days, like “Duh!” was 10 years ago.

Yet behind this 2 word phrase are real children. And the vast majority of these real children have parents whose heart breaks when they think of the implication of their child’s weight.

It’s easy to say “Well, whose fault is it if not the parents?”

A critic could be say the same thing about those of us whose kids ‘won’t’ do their homework, have temper tantrums in public, ‘refuse’ to wear appropriate clothing or ‘ignore’ the curfew their parents lay down. Very few of us finish our active parenting career without one or more of these issues arising.

If we cut parents some slack & acknowledge parenting is a complicated business, families fighting obesity may get excited about being part of the solution – their own & our community’s.

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