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Good Things Come in Threes

Monday, March 19th, 2012

1. Matt LaFontaine started a Dexter Relief Fund at the Dexter Branch of Chelsea State Bank
2. The Dexter Wellness Coalition is hosting a Community Walk on Saturday
3. Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation is going to donate $20 to the Dexter Relief Fund for each adult walker who completes the walk on Saturday

The walk will begin at 10:00 am from the Dexter District Library, 3255 Alpine Street. The Library is located on Mill Creek. This is an opportunity for anyone in our 5 healthy towns who hasn’t been sure how to support our friends in Dexter. Depending on your route, you could see the newly completed path along the creek. Everyone will get to connect with others and get some exercise.

No registration is required. You have your choice of a 2 or 3 mile walk and dogs are welcome.

Join us on Saturday at 10:00 in Dexter. Bring a friend!

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Run or Roll

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We all know that exercise helps control weight and prevents illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease; but did you know that study after study has shown that exercise improves mental health and increases energy? My brother Lee and I love to exercise and compete in events such as the Big House Big Heart run, the Heart and Sole run, and various other 5k and 10k events around southeast Michigan. We both have a lot of fun and get great benefits from getting out with thousands of people to participate in these events; however, we participate in different ways.

My brother Lee has crossed many finish lines in his high tech, and might I add, very fast, wheel chair, which he has been in for most of his life. Lee, now 22, started racing in middle school in annual events at Hudson Mills Metro Park and loves to take daily walks up and down his street outside of Chelsea. His first experience with Big House Big Heart was when a friend of his asked him to be a guest of honor to ride shotgun in a customized racing chair in 2009. Lee had fun, but being a pushed passenger was not his style. So the next year, he rolled through the finish line on his own.

The reason I am writing this is to stress a couple of important points. First, sign up for these events! They support your health, they are fun, and they build a sense of community that I believe is being lost in the age of Facebook and cell phones. Secondly, encourage everyone to join. Just because Lee is not physically running does not mean he is not experiencing and benefiting from the event. In fact, study after study shows that physical activity, wheelchair bound or not, improves health . Lastly, don’t be afraid to come up and talk to those who simply travel by other means. I promise you as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and as a brother of someone in a wheelchair, the worst that will happen is you will learn something new about someone in your community and, more likely with Lee, you will gain a friend.

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Dexter Community Schools Promote Good Nutrition and Exercise

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

The Dexter Community School district is committed to improving the health of it’s students by promoting healthier lifestyles. One of the recent initiatives toward this goal was the implementation of the Move Forward Program in the district’s K-6 buildings. The program was grant funded by the CWF, and oversight is provided by a committee made up of parents, staff members, a pediatrician, school nurse, and the coordinator of the program.

Under the umbrella of this program, exciting things have been happening in the K-6 buildings, such as:
~ fruit and veggie try-it’s (introducing new fruits and vegetables) to children
~ fitness stations and Fit Fridays lunch time activities
~ assemblies such as Iron Chef at the 3 – 4 building
~ farm-to-school field trips learning about where food comes from
~ chef Alex presenting at the schools about healthy foods and snacks
~ policy changes encouraging healthy snacks and treats in the schools
~ the installation of Project Fit America equipment at 2 of the buildings
~ the Healthy Me Poster / Poetry competition
~ developing ways to encourage walking and biking to school
the list goes on.

The grant is for 2 years but the sustainability of the program lives on, through overall increased awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles in disease prevention and happier healthier lives, and through changes in the school’s policies and environment.

Aileen Kernohan is the district school nurse for DCS. She has a strong interest in health promotion / illness prevention activities and behavior.

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