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Stats a Wrap

Monday, January 31st, 2011

On this last day of January and our Move More month, let me share a few statistics about physical activity in our nation:

  • 95% of parents think regular exercise improves grades
  • Workplace wellness programs reduce short term illness and health care costs (up to 30%) and increase productivity (up to 50%)
  • 10% of health care costs are directly attributable to obesity
  • 63% of children are no longer physically active by the time they reach High School
  • Older adults who exercise 3 times a week are 30-40% more likely to escape dementia

Regardless of your age, physical health or address, you (and I) can find ways to move a bit or a lot more, everyday.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  We hope you found some ideas and inspiration in our posts.

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Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way Home

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Moving more can include inside activities in the Move More month of January (& beyond).  For instance, how many of you have a neglected Wii® system at home with a Wii Fit disk waiting to be loved, again? 

Did you see the CWF facebook post with a link to the American Heart Association & Exercise TV’s FREE walking videos?  How much easier could they make it?  The site is included, below. 

One of our facebook followers built a laptop desk on her treadmill by laying a board across the hand grips.  You can buy a trekdesk® to go over your treadmill, too.

If you have a cheap, fun way to keep moving this winter let us know. We’ll share your ideas.

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North & South Schools Compete

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Guest Column by Lisa Nickel and Carly Groves

 To start the New Year and January off with a fresh, healthy living start, our Elementary Schools are promoting more fruit and vegetable eating.  In January children from North & South Schools are competing against each other to see which school can eat the most servings of fruits and vegetables in the Fruit & Veggie Challenge. 

Only servings eaten at school for snacks and lunches count, but students are of course encouraged to still eat them at home.  The goal is for both schools to make it to 7,500 servings for a total of 15,000 servings for Chelsea Elementary Schools.  As an end celebration, and to tie in with promoting exercise and movement along with healthier eating, the staff of both North and South Schools will compete against one another in the “Wacky Winter Olympics Challenge”.  On Friday, January 28th, North students and staff will ride buses to South for the challenge in our new gym.  We have funny relay races and games incorporating fruits and vegetables for competing teachers and support staff.  Points will be awarded to the school with the highest serving total from this past month and the winners of each of the relays.  Our principals will be going against one another in the final event of the day dressed as fruit in a face off battle!  The school that wins will receive a fruit and veggie trophy, fruit and veggie medals made by the students, and bragging rights for this year until we meet again the following year. 

Students and staff from both schools have had a fun time joking with one another about who will be crowned champion this year!  We see a huge increase in the amount of fruits and vegetables being eaten at both schools and the kids are doing an excellent job.  We also had a lot of wonderful feedback from parents.  They’re stocking up on more choices in their homes and their children are really enjoying eating more healthy foods.  We hope our efforts with this challenge will ensure that these types of snacks and lunches will continue after this month to become part of student’s everyday eating habits.

Go South!

Frozen Fingers: Nose & Toes, Nose &Toes…

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Over the weekend people in our 5 healthy towns were skiing, skating, hiking, snowshoeing, ice fishing, playing hockey or broomball, walking the dog, sledding and generally enjoying a great January weekend. 

Becky[i] said “I love the way people in Michigan take advantage of winter.”  And, Deb was overheard saying “I embraced winter this weekend.”  John (on skates) said “My ankles are killing me & it still feels great to be out here.”  Roger swears he skied so far he found a gorge with a waterfall & a pack of wolves.  He was probably kidding. 

None of these adventurers went up north or out west.  Many of them used old equipment they’ve had for decades.  No excuses, no apologies, no bad attitudes, no expense.  Everywhere there were smiling, ruddy faces on people young and old.

It’s good to live in 5 HEALTHY TOWNS.

[i] All names changed

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Triple Salchow (Sow Cow)

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

I hear the ice on our many local lakes is excellent right now. People are ice fishing and skating & playing hockey all over the place.

Have you noticed the change in ice skates in the last few years? They look comfortable! Warm!

I haven’t skated in a long while because my skates just weren’t fun to wear. So, I’m going to get a new pair & try them out. I’m pretty excited – In case you’re also inspired, here is a link that will lead you to some comfy skate choices, too.
Visit PriceGrabber Site

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Alphabet Soup

Monday, January 10th, 2011

When someone says Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation (CWF) do you think “Chelsea Wellness Center”? If so, you are surprisingly close to the truth.

The Chelsea Wellness Center (CWC) is owned by the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation. Isn’t that a perfect combination? Who better, really, than the CWF, to own a facility that not only caters to those committed to fitness, but also those trying to achieve a new level of wellness.

The CWF is also very proud to own a facility that welcomes those recovering from physical injury or illness. In 2011 we want to make it even easier for those referred by a health care professional to use the facility. If you could be that sort of member, contact the Wellness Center and ask how they can help you utilize all the assets available to members. And, don’t forget some programs are open to non-members. Gentle yoga, anyone?

Chelsea Wellness Center: 734.214.0220

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Move More

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Photo of a person skiingEveryone is ready to sell you something to improve your health in 2011. You must have seen the commercials for weight loss products and programs, juicers, tobacco treatments, bum busters and more.

We have a cheaper idea!

January is Move More month for the CWF. We’ve developed a calendar with Move More options. We can update it any time one of you tells us about a Move More opportunity. You can access the calendar through our website: Click on community wellness events to access the calendar.

Plus, we’ll let you know if we discover promotions for local businesses that will help you Move More. And, you can share what you know about local promotions to help people Move More by posting on our facebook page.
Join us in promoting opportunities for residents in our 5 healthy towns to Move More in January.

Healthy New Year!

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