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Jack Frost is Nipping Our Noses

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Winter in MichiganWinter in Michigan can be a challenge for those who prefer to be cozy and warm.  On the other hand, winter is at least 5 months of our Michigan calendar.  Do we want to allow a little cold to keep us cooped up for almost half the year?  Do we want to abandon fresh air five months out of 12?

When you were a kid, do you remember playing outside in the winter?

I don’t remember feeling cooped up or thinking winter was distasteful.  Perhaps that’s because we didn’t allow ourselves to be cooped up; therefore winter wasn’t distasteful.  (More accurately, our Mother didn’t allow us to be cooped up.)

In January the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation’s Facebook page will be talking about how to move more.  We’ll be looking for ways to move, even when the weather outside is frightful.  Log in; share your ideas & learn from your neighbors.  Let’s embrace healthful living from mid November until April in our 5 Healthy Towns.

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Worth Repeating

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Worth Repeating Retail Shop in Manchester, Michigan

In Manchester the residents found a great way to connect with each other in a healthy way.

 They have a resale shop (Worth Repeating) with all volunteer help.  The money they make selling gently used clothing, books (there is a book room), Christmas decorations, collectables, house ware & other fun things, is donated back to the community.

 So far in 2010 they’ve donated more than $53,000 to local community efforts.  Awesome!

Dexter Rotarians Raise the Bar

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Village of Dexter community gardenLast spring the CWF provided funds for a community garden in Dexter. 

Did you know the Dexter Rotary managed a plot?  Yep – Rotarians, with their oxford shirt sleeves rolled up & their loafers scuffed, planted half a plot next to the other residents who had garden plots in the Dexter Community Garden.

True to element 4 in their motto (Will it be beneficial to all concerned?) when fall rolled around the Dexter Rotary did the coolest thing.  They donated their produce to Faith in Action. 

How’s that for connecting with others in a healthy way (element 3 in the CWF vision statement)?

Socialize 6 hours a day!

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Do you remember the book,  Blue Zones?  Places on earth where people are more likely to live to be 100?  The author has a new book: Thrive – Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way.

I haven’t read it, but I get promotional e-mails.  Today I received one that offered 5 tips to ‘get happier’. 

  1. Say something nice to your partner or family member
  2. Eat a plant-based breakfast
  3. Morning exercise will boost your mood for 12 hours
  4. Socialize 6 hours a day
  5. Sleep 7-8 hours a night

Give it a try & let us know if it works.