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Peace & Tranquility

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The following is adapted from the Wellness Council of America.  It correlates with the Blue Zones list of things done by people who live the longest, happy lives.

Developing a Deeper Sense of Meaning & Purpose Image of a person meditating

  1. Commit to doing something you care about that helps others. Volunteer.
  2. Find 30 minutes a day for reduced stimulation – consider meditation, prayer or deep breathing exercises (some of you might have to wait ‘til the kids leave home)
  3. View events as opportunities – turn them into positives
  4. Religious traditions are important to maintain if they are part of your life
  5. Appreciate people’s differences
  6. Be a life-long learner
  7. Think about the positive ways you impact your community

Look Who’s Out and About

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Residents of Saint Louis Schools are walking laps to earn starsLook who’s out & about in our 5 healthy towns! 

Stockbridge residents planted spring bulbs along their newly refurbished trails, tossed disks on their disk golf course & stand atop their new sledding hill.

 Residents of Saint Louis Schools are walking laps to earn stars. 

The Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation is proud to have been involved in both events. Please go to our facebook page if you would like to see additional pictures of these events.

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Does it have to taste bad to be good?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Image of a school lunchA recent radio report told of a school system that changed their food policies so only ‘healthy’ food would be served. What happened next? Legions of high school students left campus at lunch for a near-by pizzeria.

Changing policy is not enough to change eating habits. Here are a couple other options – which one do you like?

1.      Make healthy food in schools taste fresh and good, starting with new preparation methods (toss the deep friers!)

2.      Close the campus so kids have to eat the healthy options or bring their own food

3.      Engage families and younger kids so they are exposed to healthy options at home, at an early age.  When they get to H.S. the healthy items will be acceptable (even appreciated)

4.      Engage the students in problem solving around how to make healthy choices desirable

5.      A combination of approaches

6.      Throw our hands up in the air & say “Kids will be kids!”

It’s Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

It’s Labor Day weekend. We have an opportunity to remember those who produce, provide, distribute and sell the things we enjoy. 

In the old days, most work done in the U.S. was physical labor.  Not so anymore.  Many of us find ourselves at a desk, computer or in a car/truck seat much of the day. 

This coming Thursday there will be an Ignite Chelsea event in the courtyard behind the McKinley Clock Tower complex.  Because the Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation is one of the hosts (along with the Chelsea District Library) I’ve been privy to the presentations – what a treat.  Two are about how to stay physically active at work, even if you have one of those desk jobs. Both presentations are very entertaining.

Please bring your family & friends and join us as we Ignite Chelsea Wellness.  There are 9 live presentations that will be projected onto the SRSLY big screen and lots of fun, games & prizes beginning at 6:00 pm.  Hula-hoop contest, anyone?

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