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Small Steps Count

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Have you gone to the Real Age website, yet?  Are you familiar with Dr. Oz?  He & his partner do a good job of keeping us informed.  However, I could relate to this entry from one of Dr. Oz’s readers (tag name ‘goatcheese’) on the Real Age website (I edited to shorten):

Ease up Dr. Oz, Everything isn’t black or white. Some of us are stuck in a gray area that has to take baby steps. I am taking small steps and trying to change bit by bit but I don’t have the will power most of you have. Lighten-up!! Us slow-pokes are trying but give us credit for that. Nobody is perfect.

Goatcheese is right, of course, no one is perfect, but the small steps count.  As they say, you can move a mountain one teaspoon full of dirt at a time.

Tongue Trama

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

My tongue is raw from all the tomatoes, peaches and raspberries I’m eating.  And I don’t care if it starts to bleed – August is the most amazing month in which to feed ourselves.  It is not only a feast for the tongue but also the eye and soul.  I understand why an artist would paint a still-life of fruit.  In real life the colors are magnificent. 

After work yesterday I went to the raspberry farm on North Territorial (Berry Hill Farm).  For almost an hour it was just me, the raspberries, birds and bees.  It was downright spiritual.  In the evening Mark & I hardly knew what to eat first.  Blueberries, raspberries, peaches and tomatoes are lined up on our kitchen counter.   

I wouldn’t trade fresh Michigan produce for all the potatoes in Idaho!

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Village of Dexter Community Garden

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Things are growing in the Village of Dexter!  Tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and melons are thriving in the Village of Dexter community garden.

With the generous support of the Chelsea Area Wellness Foundation, the new community garden in the Village of Dexter opened this season on Dan Hoey road on property owned by the village.  The location was once a farm, lending a perfect atmosphere to the gardening experience.    Further making the gardening experience a pleasant one is perfect loamy soil in what was once a sheep pasture, easy parking, access to plenty of fresh water and close proximity of the garden to the  village’s downtown.

Village of Dexter community garden gardeners will be tracking their harvest this season, but the garden is flourishing with corn, tomatoes, and cabbages to name just a few of the crops growing in abundance.

Many individuals and families are working the soil in the 10 plots, but a few groups are growing for donation as well.  The Dexter Rotary club and Kiwanis have plots chock full of produce for donation. 

Like gardens everywhere the Village of Dexter community garden greatly improves access to fresh produce for everyone who gardens in it. Community is created by simply gardening alongside your neighbors, leaning over the  fence, chatting from one plot to the other, sharing successes and discussing concerns. 

People from many different walks of life garden in the  Village of Dexter Community Garden and while gardening is the common denominator that brings everyone together ,it is also the reason for the garden’s success this first season and in the “growing” the community garden is  sure  to experience in years to come!

Melissa Kesterson is the Garden Coordinator at the Dexter Community Garden.

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Biker Grand-Dad

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Shawn Lewis-Lakin is on our Board of Directors.  He recently missed a meeting to go on a camping and cycling vacation with his family; including his college age children, a brother and his 80 year-old father.  Yes, I said 80 year-old father. 

They almost cancelled the trip but Shawn’s Dad was heartbroken by the thought, so they found a way to bring everyone together in spite of conflicting schedules. Shawn’s Dad trained all spring for the 30-55 mile rides each day of the vacation and by gosh, he was going to ride them.


Chelsea Community Garden

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The mission of Chelsea Community Garden is to create an opportunity for Chelsea area residents to have garden plots within the city where they can grow fresh, organic produce.  The gardens also provide produce for the Faith in Action food pantry, which benefits low-income families and senior citizens.

The Chelsea Community Garden was initiated by a small group of people who came together in the winter of 2009. Now in its second season, the garden includes over 20 plots filled with vegetables and flowers. The Community Garden has prospered thanks to volunteer efforts of many area residents and the support of Faith in Action, which acts as a fiduciary, the City of Chelsea, and the Chelsea Community Foundation, ACO Hardware,and the Chelsea Garden Club.

Susan Morrel-Samuels is the Managing Director, Prevention Research Center of Michigan and is a member of the Community Garden steering committee.

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