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Summer is Yummy!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Pea pods,
Red potatoes,
Wax beans,
Summer squash of every shape and size,
Corn on the cob,
Summer is yummy!

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Vitality is Alive at the Senior Center

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The Chelsea Senior Center is a place of vitality. Did you know that we have a Laughter Club? This club is a group of seniors who meet weekly just to laugh. Laughter is a social interaction, a positive reinforcement, and clearly a healthy dose of medicine. Laughing exercises your lungs, heart, and diaphragm. It also helps in reducing stress which can lead to lower blood pressure.

Vitality comes in all forms and laughter is just one more way for our seniors to improve their wellness. The next time you have a chance to listen to a joke, or to tell a joke, jump in and give it a chance. You too will reap the benefits of laughter. 

Caroline Arbour is a student at Eastern Michigan Univertsity in the Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology.  She is currently an intern with the Chelsea Senior Center where she oversees the program planning committee and works with senior volunteers.

Advice From Rug Rats

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

The book Mindless Eating is making the rounds among members of the Board of the CWF.  There are some great points in the book.  But how about some tips from those less likely to be published?  Kids.


  1. Only eat when they’re hungry.
  2. But they do eat when they’re hungry.
  3. Stop eating when they’re full – they actually clamp their mouth shut & turn their head away
  4. Eat with gusto. They look over, touch and smell their food (sometimes they stick things in their ears – not part of these recommendations).
  5. Eat frequently, but not very much at one time.

Want to be like a kid, again?  You could start here.

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