Stockbridge - Approved Interventions

Move More

Community Trails Maintenance – Stockbridge Community Schools will continue maintenance and upkeep to the trail walking paths that surround the elementary school buildings and lead to the Beckwith Preserve.  Budget Request: $2250.00   

Athletic Fields/Middle Schools Playground Structure -Stockbridge Community Schools plans to build a “Round About” playground near the 4th – 8th grade soccer field and inside the track behind the old middle school in Stockbridge. Youth ages 2 – 12 are the target population. Budget Request: $8400.00

Lakelands Trail Park Development – The Village of Stockbridge with support from the Michigan DNR and CWF will construct a new park at the Lakelands Trail trailhead off Clinton Street.  Budget Request: $20,000.00

Safe Routes to School SR2S - with oversight from the Village of Stockbridge, this intervention will initiate the engineering of the SR2S Program locally for Phase 1 planning. Budget Request: $20,000.00

Eat Better

5. Open Air Market – Stockbridge Community Schools will continue with the Open Air Market with goals to increase vendor participation and increase the customer count.  Budget Request: $3628.00

6. Heritage Healthy Snack Time - Pilot Program – Stockbridge Community Schools will target the whole fifth grade class at Heritage School for the 2015-2016 school year. Four fifth-grade classrooms are working together to offer fresh fruit and vegetables as the only snack choice to students in the fifth grade hallway.  Budget Request: $ 4500.00

7. Tide Me Over - Stockbridge Community Outreach, Stockbridge Community Schools staff and Farmers State Bank will send home weekly backpacks filled with basic food targeting Pre-K to 3rd graders who qualify for free & reduced lunch program. The goal is to help fill the food gap for kids on the weekends and over holidays.  Budget Request:  $4800.00

Healthy Connections

8. Community Read – Stockbridge Library of the Capital Area will feature local events on this year’s book theme, Avoiding Unhealthy Substances, and the book Hole In My Life by Jack Gantos, a story about the time he spent in prison for his involvement with drugs and drug smuggling. Pre-Approved Budget Request for the last year of this popular 5H community initiative: Budget Request: $4225.00

9.  Gather Under the Pavilion – Volunteer labor will support the construction of a new park pavilion on school property that will serve as an outdoor gathering place near two school playgrounds. The target population is school age children and families. Budget Request: $7000.00

Avoid Unhealthy Substances

10. SRSLY Stockbridge – Stockbridge’s community coalition to prevent destructive behaviors in youth uses multiple strategies for youth leadership and community engagement. Our target group is students age 10-15 and their families. Budget Request: $20,000.00

To Support All Focus Areas

11. Marketing Initiative – This budget allocation will support general marketing and advertising  for the coalition and its interventions, and coordination with the 5H marketing campaigns when possible. Budget Request: $5000.00