Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative

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5 Healthy Towns Foundation is partnering with the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative to develop and expand non-motorized pathways within our respective service areas.  

HWPI focuses on connecting Chelsea, Dexter and Stockbridge with non-motorized pathways so residents and visitors alike can take advantage of a safe, scenic and extensive trail network.  HWPI ties in with Washtenaw County's Border to Border Trail system and the larger State of Michigan Iron Belle Trail System.  

HWPI identified four unique trail development zones to facilitate and/or assist with construction.  The trail segments bring unique challnges and opportunities, and each zone involves different combinations of private, state, and local entities.  Clockwise as shown below - 

Dexter Connector Trails to the Border to Border Trail
Dexter to Chelsea
City of Chelsea Connector Trails
Chelsea to Stockbridge/Lakelands Trail State Park

HWPI Trail Map