Year 5 Interventions



PEAC-Dexter – Program to Educate All CyclistsPEAC is a summer cycling program for individuals with cognitive, behavioral, developmental or intellectual challenges. Participants set individual goals and instructors work with each individual to attain their targets.  This summer program supports physical activity with encouragement for family participation through collaboration with Dexter Schools, Hudson Mills, UofM Dance Marathon and Wheels in Motion.

Funding Request $4,000


SUMMER FITNESS FESTIVALThe Dexter Wellness Center will host fitness Saturdays this summer, with Yoga followed by outdoor fitness classes, making Dexter a great destination for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. This program is open to the community.

Funding Request $6,000


DEXTER WELLNESS CENTER/ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION CLASSES (new) – Dexter Wellness Center and Dexter Alternative High School will partner to promote adapted physical activity for 15 junior/senior high school students. The goal is to augment physical education services and to enhance academic performance.

Funding Request $1,800


HURON/WATERLOO PATHWAYS INITIATIVE (new) - A donation to the B2B connector represents the coalition’s commitment to support the ongoing development of the pathways initiative.

Funding Request: $2,000


FARM TO SCHOOL – In collaboration with Dexter Community Schools, the Dexter Farm to School and School Garden program engages every student within the district.  The interventions proposes to continue work for lunches - providing Michigan grown meals in every building at least once a month.  The intervention will continue education and school garden programming. 

Funding Request $35,000


DEXTER WINTER MARKETPLACEIn collaboration with the Dexter Senior Center, the Winter Marketplace hosts seasonal produce, hormone free proteins, and craft vendors to provide community residents with bi-monthly access to locally sourced goods and services. The Marketplace also provides food assistance programs (SNAP) and an engaging place to gather.

Funding Request $5,500


DEXTER FORUM – This community group meets bi-monthly at the Dexter Wellness Center to share information about topics of importance in the local community and at the state level.


SRSLY DEXTER – St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea in collaboration with Dexter Community Schools continues its creative programming to educate school age youth about the prevention of substance abuse and destructive behaviors.  The main focus is on alcohol, marijuana and medication use and abuse.

Funding Request: $20,000


5H MARKETING – A budget allocation will support ongoing marketing needs for all Dexter Wellness Coalition initiatives, to improve our visibility in the community.

Funding Request: $ 700