Year 4 Interventions

Healthy Selfies – For the academic year 2015-16, the Chelsea School District will sponsor a program to promote students and staff demonstrating healthy behaviors as they post  “selfies” on social media. Both individuals and groups doing healthy activities will be featured using a digital photography journal on the school website. This intervention will reach 15% of the student population and 15% of the district employee population. Total Budget Request: $ 1,560
Iron Clad Baseball Festival –  Sponsored by  Chelsea Monitors, this family-friendly one day event promotes vintage baseball and outdoor exercise as a means of recreation for individuals of all ages.  The festival will host a baseball game using rules from the 1860s, and coordinate with the Farmer’s Market and the Chelsea House Orchestra for additional events and workshops. This intervention will reach 200+ participants. Total Budget Request: $ 1,500
School Nutrition Activities – Targeting Chelsea’s elementary schools and middle school population, this intervention proposes to integrate healthier food choices into the school lunch program through food tastings and nutrition education. Sponsored by the  SJMH/Chelsea Community Hospital, this intervention will reach over 1200 students and also create opportunities for parent involvement. Total Budget Request: $  5,000
Camp Gabika – Chelsea Community Education and Recreation will offer children ages 5-12 a summer camp experience that incorporates physical and psycho-social wellness activities. Campers will learn about healthy decision making and also participate in sponsored events that tie in with other wellness interventions at the library, senior center, parks, hospital, and with SRSLY. Total Budget Request: $ 11,000
Heart and Sole – Oversight by SJMH/Chelsea Community Hospital. This fun event promotes moving more and connecting with
others through a walk/run/bike event. Proceeds that exceed costs are donated to the Chelsea Grace Clinic to serve under-insured
populations. Total Budget Request: $ 2,000
On The Move/Adaptive Movement – Oversight by Youth Dance Theatre/Ballet Chelsea. This program provides people of all 
abilities and limitations the benefit and enjoyment of movement to music.  People with limited range of disabilities will increase 
strength and improve coordination. Total Budget Request: $ 7,000
Run for the Rolls – Oversight by Run for the Rolls. This activity will facilitate informal 1-mile training groups to motivate individuals 
and encourage sustained fitness routines.  Run for the Rolls is adding a 5K this year. Total Budget Request: $ 2,000
Farmer’s Markets – Oversight by SJMH/Community Health Improvement Council.  The success of our Farmers Markets will be enhanced by new food vendors, increasing the sales of fresh produce, and expanding its reach to seniors, youth, older adults 
with chronic illness, and low income families. Total Budget Request: $ 27,095
Healthy Grocery Store – Oversight by Chelsea Area Wellness Foundation. This intervention moves into its 4th year in 
partnership with Polly’s Country Market, to include healthy recipes, Eat Better signage and improved marketing with 
professional assistance. Total Budget Request: $6,000
Healthy Restaurants -  Oversight by Chelsea Area Wellness Foundation, this intervention will target 2-3 local restaurants and 
assist in menu planning, portion control, marketing healthy menu choices, and  food preparation consulting. Total Budget Request: 
$ 3,000
SRSLY – Oversight by SJMH/Chelsea Community Hospital.  SRSLY will continue to implement strategies to prevent substance abuse 
and other destructive behaviors in youth. Total Budget Request: $20,000
5H Community Read – Oversight by Chelsea District Library. Community Read generates awareness of health by promoting 
discussions and fostering exchange of ideas around a theme and specific book, this year focusing on Avoiding Unhealthy 
Substances. This activity coordinates with all 5 healthytowns. Total Budget Request: $ 6,000