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Chelsea Wellness Center Recertified as Medical Fitness Facility

Chelsea, December 22, 2016 –Chelsea Wellness Center (CWC) has earned recertification as a Medical Fitness Facility by the Medical Fitness Association, with a perfect score.  What does that mean for the people of Chelsea and surrounding communities?


This certification tells you Chelsea Wellness Center is here to address health and wellness of the entire community. They are dedicated to measuring results.  They provide wellness related programs for members and nonmembers, alike. Whether you use the wellness center for general fitness or to prevent or improve a health problem, CWC provides highly qualified, certified fitness specialists, appropriate classes, programs, equipment and oversight. When appropriate they work in conjunction with your physician or other health care provider.  


“We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. Our priority has always been to improve lives by delivering excellence in health and fitness at a very high level.” said Cindy Cope, Center Director, Chelsea Wellness Center. “Like any earned credential, the facility certification acknowledges we meet standards and criteria set forth by a knowledgeable third party. By meeting these high standards of operational excellence, Chelsea Wellness Center is in elite company with medical fitness centers around the United States.”


Certification requires medical oversight. Chelsea Wellness Center has a medical advisory team made up of physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other health care providers. The wellness center measures the quality and safety of programs and services at the wellness center. The medical advisory team is responsible for reviewing the measures and making recommendations.  


Chelsea Wellness Center, along with Dexter, Manchester and Stockbridge Wellness Centers, are part of a primary strategy in the 5 Healthy Town Foundation’s efforts to cultivate health and healthy behavior.  The Center, opened by Chelsea Community Hospital in 2001, is a 48,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that offers member and community programs overseen by teams of professionally trained and certified fitness specialists.  In addition, the Center offers a supervised fitness program called Next Steps for individuals transitioning from or managing medical conditions including: Cancer, Mental Health, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Diabetes, Orthopedic, Weight Management and others. 


According to Scott Broshar, Chair of the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, there are only three medically certified wellness centers in the State of Michigan, and two of those belong to 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (Chelsea Wellness Center and Dexter Wellness Center). “We are committed to attaining and maintaining the very best opportunity for long-term health for residents in our service area, regardless of their current level of wellness.  This designation is an important way we demonstrate our commitment.”


The Medical Fitness Association’s Facility Certification is the recognized mark of excellence in the health and wellness industry.


To learn more about the Chelsea Wellness Center, visit www.chelseawellness.org and like the Chelsea Wellness Center on Facebook.  You will find more information about the Medical Fitness Association on their website www.medicalfitness.org