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These documents are shared amongst the coalitions.

Chelsea Coalition

Member and orientation Handbook_Jan 30_2014

Year 4_Intervention Table Template

1. Comprehensive Wellness Plans

2. Intervention Reports

3. Coalition Evaluation Reports

4. New Intervention Ideas

YEar 4 Proposed interventions

Year 5 Proposed Interventions

Year 6 Proposed Interventions

Year 7 Proposed Interventions

Year 8 Proposed Interventions

5. Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2015 December Minutes

2015_April Agenda

2015_March summary

2015_March Agenda

2015_February Summary

2015_January Summary

2015 October Agenda

2015 February meeting summary

2015_February Agenda

2015_January Agenda

2014_December meeting summary

2014_December meeting agenda

2015_April Summary

2015_May Agenda

2015_December Agenda

2015_November Minutes

2015 November Agenda

2015 October Minutes

2015 September Minutes

2015 September Agenda

2015 August Minutes

2015_August Agenda

2015_July Meeting Summary

2015_July Agenda

2015 May Summary

2014_November meeting summary

2014_November meeting agenda

2014_October meeting agenda

2014_May Meeting Summary

2014_May Meeting Agenda

2014 June Meeting Agenda

2014_February_Coalition Meeting Agenda

2014_January_Coalition Meeting agenda

2014_February_Coalition meeting summary

2014_January_Coalition meeting summary

2013_December_Recap from Nov

2013_December_Info about Teams

2013_December Agenda

2013 November_Minutes

2014_April Meeting Agenda

2014 April Meeting Summary

2014_October meeting summary

2014_September meeting summary

2014_September Summary

2014_September agenda

2014_August_Coalition Meeting Summary

2014_August Agenda

2014_July Summary

2014_June Minutes

2014_July Agenda

2014_March Meeting Summary

2014 March meeting agenda

2013_November Agenda




5. Health Data

Coalition Team Proposals

PR & Outreach

Plan Team

Intervention Tables

Orientation Meeting Documents

Proposal Presentations